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Everyone who has transferred or has given the rank of HR+ must train the HR. After training, you MUST post a new thread in the "High Rank Trainers" of the person you trained.

Please only request your highest ranked group not all of them when requesting forum groups

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[!] Official Security Rank List [!]
[Image: _oRZ81jIRXyJHFRQsbsUww.png]

Standard Ranks

Security AT (Awaiting Training)

Security Trainee

Security Guard

B.U.M. Inspector

Security Officer


Protection Specialist

Expert Security Agent

Security Captain 3c

Security Captain 2c

Security Captain 1c

Sheriff Deputy


Security High Ranks

Security Supervisor


Senior Security Supervisor

Assistant Head of Security

Head of Security

> Lindseystirlfan

Elite Head of Security


Security Advisor

> Ryarp

Elite Head
Responsible for making sure that the division is running well and has final say in all matters concerning changes to the division. Should work closely with Head of Security in the development of the Division and is responsible for doing tasks such as reviewing applications, filling Security HR spots, and making sure that Security HRs are doing their duties.

Responsible for accepting new members into security, may hold and host meetings for the security division. Can remove and add anyone up until Security Supervisor. Fills in as Elite Head when he/she is L.O.A. or resigns.

Assistant Head
The assistant head is there to ensure the development of Security members. After they have been trained he/she makes sure that active Security members are getting promoted. Assists the Head of Security and Elite Head of Security with any tasks that they need input on. Has the ability to promote someone out of security so long as He/She has the rank of TM. Responsible for assigning regular patrols, training accepted members, and promoting/demoting any Security members as required. Fills in as Head of Security once the Head retires or is on L.O.A.

Security Supervisor
Security Supervisors are responsible for making sure that any accepted member is trained. They can participate in meetings and start to give their input on votes. They can start to lead patrols and can promote anyone in security up until the last rank. Once the position of Assistant Head opens up any of the Security Supervisors can apply for the position.

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