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Everyone who has transferred or has given the rank of HR+ must train the HR. After training, you MUST post a new thread in the "High Rank Trainers" of the person you trained.

Please only request your highest ranked group not all of them when requesting forum groups

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Training a new SWAT member is a very important process, and the success of a division relies heavily on training members correctly. The SWAT division is a fundamental and highly important section of the Elite Police Force. We represent EPF at all times and especially when on a mission or patrol. Therefore it is of high importance to not only teach our SWAT division what our priorities are, but also to express the importance of behaviour when out and about in the wider Habbo Community.

We would like to encourage all SWAT HR, as well as EPF HR, to train new SWAT members to the best of their capability. If a new trainee struggles with the test, do not fail them. This will only discourage the recruit; and as it is said; “There is no such thing as a Recruit that fails training, it is the Trainer who fails the recruit.” Rather than failing them, please re-teach the sections they struggled with until they fully understand.

After training, it is important that all trainers take new members on a patrol to allow trainees to witness and experience some of the roles we play in the Elite Police Force.

If you are a Training rank using this Script, make sure that the new SWAT member is able to get on a patrol right away with an HR+ or another SWAT member.

Note: Orange = Instructions for trainer
] Training Script [[color=red!

Hello, and welcome to the Elite Police Force SWAT Division training session!

My name is __________ and I will be your trainer for today.

We are deligted to have you join this fantastic division and hope you will feel very welcomed here.

There are many roles you will be able to undertake and new commands you must learn.

Please pay close attention as you will be tested towards the end.

You may want to take notes.

Before we get started, there are some things you need to follow through the training session:

Do not move, dance, whisper unless you’re told to do so.

Do not AFK (Away From Keyboard) or BRB (Be Right Back).

Please address me as Sir/Ma’am.

Do not use effects.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

[!] SWAT Main Guidelines [!]

First of all I would like to talk the main role of the SWAT division in the Elite Police Force.

Our main role is to protect the wider Habbo community.

We serve to follow the Habbo Way and correct other Habbo members who fail to do so.

This can be anything from inappropriate language to bullying other Habbo members.

As a SWAT member, you will be based in the Elite Police Force HQ.

However, you will also be required to take part in patrols.

Patrols involve a groups of SWAT members entering a different room in the Habbo Hotel.

During the patrol you will be watching and searching for anyone who will not follow the Habbo Way.

You must try to correct this Habbo and stop them from continuing to break the Habbo Way.

This may involve role play which we want to encourage you all to take part in.

If this Habbo refuses to stop, you may take further action by reporting them to a Habbo Moderator.


[!] Patrols [!]

Now lets talk about Patrols, Patrols consist a Leader & a Reporter (Other Members may join in)

Only Medium Ranking SWAT+ Can make Patrols and become the Leader 

Anyone in the group May be the Reporter

We encourage to add everyone in the group as friends since we communicate by PM

The Leader is in charge for setting up the patrol and choosing the locations.

The Leader is in charge of all other SWAT members in the group and can decide when to BTB.

The Reporter is in charge of writing a Report about the Patrol on the forums.

The Reporter must write this on the Patrol thread section.

Note: If you report any Habbo breakers, Please PM the reporter the name and why he/she is reported


[!] SWAT Commands [!]

There are a few new commands you must learn for a SWAT patrol:

1. RFP = Ready For Patrol

If you are instructed to do this, you must wear the appropriate patrol uniform.

You must then stand in an orderly line at the HQ entrance and wait for further instructions. 

2. SFHB = Search For Habbo Breakers

If you are instructed to do this, start searching for Habbo members who are breaking the Habbo Way.

Inform them that they are breaking the Habbo Way.

If they refuse to stop, take further action by reporting.

3. NLS = New Location Stalk

If you are instructed to do this, Get ready to stalk the leader for the new location

This normally means the current location is clear/found a better location

4. G-UP = Group-Up

If you are instructed to do this, Stand in a line in front of the leader And say "[Your name] Reporting!"

And wait for further Instructions

For example: I stand in a line infront of the Leader and say "Penny Reporting!"

5. BTB = Back To Base

If you are instructed to do this, return to the EPF HQ.

Would you like any of these commands repeated?

[If the answer is yes, repeat the requested commands]

[!] The Test [!]

You must remember, appropriate behaviour is required at all times. You are representing EPF.

Follow all of the EPF rules you were taught in your initial training when on a Patrol.

Any questions before we begin the test?

Please answer the following questions as best as you can.

Please whisper your answer to me. (If Multiple People)

1) What is the main role of the SWAT division? 
A: Protecting the wider Habbo community.

2) What will you be doing whilst on a patrol?
A: Watching and searching for anyone who will not follow the Habbo Way.

3) Who Can be a SWAT Leader?
A: Medium Ranking SWAT+

4) What does RFP stand for?
A: Ready For Patrol

5) What does SFHB stand for?
A: Search For Habbo Breakers

6) What does NLS stand for?
A: New Location Stalk

7) What does G-UP stand for?
A: Group-Up

If they get any answers wrong re-teach the sections that were incorrect. Once they have all answers right, pass them.

[!] Last Steps [!]

Congratulations! You have passed the official Elite Police Force SWAT training program.

You are now an Elite Police Force SWAT member!

Change your motto to [EPF] SWAT Observation Officer [TAG].

Remember to put your tag at the end of the motto.


REMINDER: Make sure the SWAT Observation Officer also requests the [EPF] Security AND Training forum, as well as the Training badge. 
Be sure to instruct them in Training!


Click on the links below to see the SWAT Uniforms:
SWAT HC Male Uniform
SWAT HC Female Uniform
SWAT Norm Male Uniform
SWAT Norm Female Uniform
Ashley [AK]

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