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Everyone who has transferred or has given the rank of HR+ must train the HR. After training, you MUST post a new thread in the "High Rank Trainers" of the person you trained.

Please only request your highest ranked group not all of them when requesting forum groups

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Security Division Discord
Hello everyone!

We thought of having an server for Security members so we could go to work, have talks, meetings and discussion more easily, so we made an Discord server which can be used now! However it is still not fully complete, you can join it and tell your rank so we can give you the rank you need. 

There are some rules by it.

- The link will be between the EPF ranks, do not share it without a reason and permission from HoSec, EHoSec or AS.
- You have to be in Security, or have business related to it. 
- You don't bully, threaten or other things against where people don't feel safe by.
- You don't spam. Spamming is extremely annoying and people will put the chat on mute otherwise, with the possibility of missing information!

This is the link to the Discord channel:

~~ https://discord.gg/9anh6gT ~~

I hope we'll see you soon! 

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