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Everyone who has transferred or has given the rank of HR+ must train the HR. After training, you MUST post a new thread in the "High Rank Trainers" of the person you trained.

Please only request your highest ranked group not all of them when requesting forum groups

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Baileysky101's Supervising Log
Name of Trainer: SpreadEm21

Name of Supervisor: Baileysky101

Name of Recruit/s: Athirah080

Trainer Performance: 3/5

Further Comments:
- Relied on script a lot, He needs to be able to make it his on Smile
- Seemed Hesitant when it came to what should be done during training session
- + He has potential
- + Really made sure the recruit understood clearly
- + Explained with detail
-+ Went over stuff that the Recruit did not have a good grasp on
- A little doubtful
+ Made sure all was completed before training was done

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